happiness is simple

On days it is difficult to remember, I want to try regardless. Happiness is as simple as

  • a restocked pantry with a container full of milo powder
  • a text message from a person you love
  • hugging your stuffed animals
  • having good nasi kukus ayam berempah
  • sipping bubble tea at the side of the road
  • eating a home-cooked meal with family
  • bubblegum sunset skies
  • a cat that rubs itself against your calf
  • remembering to breathe

Look. You were happy once, and you’ll be happy again. Some adjust quicker than others, but some cry many nights before finding home. A colleague at work told me that he still doesn’t feel at home here – it’s been more than a year, and that’s okay.

When I left London, I feared I won’t ever be as happy as I was back then. To some extent, I still feel the same. But I’m trying not to. I’m trying to be okay. And that may take time. But I’ll find it soon enough.

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